River ManHole Cover Sensor

  • Buried liquid level monitor

    Buried liquid level monitor

    ISTRONG, located in Fujian Province, China, has developed a buried liquid level detector, which can monitor the water accumulation in low-lying sections in real time and provide data support for users. Different from the traditional liquid level detector, ISTRONG is inst...
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  • IoT Level Sensor

    IoT Level Sensor

    CLAATEK Company, headquartered in Suzhou, is a leading intelligent AIoT integrated service provider. CLAATEK has developed an IoT liquid level monitoring device named GSP20, which is matched with our A01 ultrasonic ranging sensor to detect the water level flowing in the ...
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  • ultrasonic liquid level monitoring

    ultrasonic liquid level monitoring

    Firstsensor has developed an IoT liquid level measurement solution, which is used in conjunction with our A01 ultrasonic sensor. The sensor of manhole cover (ultrasonic liquid level monitoring) adopts ultrasonic technology, NB-IOT communication technology and 2.4G commun...
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