• E09-8in1 Module Converter DYP-E09

    E09-8in1 Module Converter DYP-E09

    The 8-in-1 transfer module is a functional transfer module, which can control 1 to 8 ranging modules according to the protocol specified by our company for combination or polling work. The response time of the transfer module is based on the actual work. Depending on the method, this transfer module can be used to detect and monitor the distances of multiple ranging modules in different scenarios, different directions, and multiple ranging modules.
  • E02-Module Converter DYP-E02

    E02-Module Converter DYP-E02

    The E02 conversion Modules is realize the mutual conversion between TTL/COMS level and RS232 level.

  • E08-4in1 module converter DYP-E08

    E08-4in1 module converter DYP-E08

    The E08-four-in-one  is a functional conversion module, which can control 1 to 4 ranging modules of our company’s specified protocol for simultaneous, crossover or polling work.

  • E07-Power module DYP-E07

    E07-Power module DYP-E07

    E07 is used to automatically adjust the voltage level, it will reduce the input voltage to your target level and maintain that level while powering the sensor