AGV Robots Eyes Sensor

  • Underwater robot obstacle avoidance sensor

    Underwater robot obstacle avoidance sensor

    With the development of service robot technology, underwater swimming pool cleaning robots have been widely used in the market. In order to achieve automatic route planning, cost-effective and adaptive ultrasonic underwater ranging obstacle avoidance sensors are essenti...
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  • Farm machinery – obstacle avoidance

    Sensors for agriculture: obstacle avoidance for agricultural machinery Agricultural machinery is accompanied by a high degree of danger in the operation process. During the operation, the driver may be affected by th...
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  • UAV height application

    Sensors for UAV: UAV Assisted landing UAV bottom is equipped with a ultrasonic sensor, which can detect the distance value from the sensor to the ground, real time feed it back to the UAV system, so that UAV can adju...
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  • Robot fall prevention warning

    Sensors for cleaning robots: Robot anti-falling Robot may encounter situations such as downward steps on the road surface or sunken ground when moving. If there is no corresponding sensor to sense and take actions, t...
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  • Cleaning robot- obstacle avoidance

    Sensors for cleaning robots: human body and obstacle sensing The robot must be able to recognize and perceive the surrounding environment at work, so as to prevent collisions with obstacles and people. Ultrasonic ran...
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  • Autonomous Navigation

    Sensors for AGV platforms: Environmental recognition and safety During transportation, the AGV platform must be able to recognize and perceive the surrounding environment. This can prevent collisions with obstacles a...
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