• Underwater robot obstacle avoidance sensor

    Underwater robot obstacle avoidance sensor

    With the development of service robot technology, underwater swimming pool cleaning robots have been widely used in the market. In order to achieve automatic route planning, cost-effective and adaptive ultrasonic underwater ranging obstacle avoidance sensors are essenti...
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  • Ultrasonic fuel level sensor

    Ultrasonic fuel level sensor

    Sensors for fuel consumption management: The DYP ultrasonic fuel level monitoring sensor is designed to optimize the vehicle monitoring mode. It can adapt to vehicles running or stationary at various speeds on variou...
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  • Car parking monitoring

    Sensors for smart parking systems A complete vehicle parking management system plays an important role in the parking lot. Using DYP ultrasonic sensor can detect the status of each parking space in the parking lot an...
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  • Height monitoring

    Sensors for smart physical examination The physical examination process needs to obtain the height and weight of the personnel. The traditional measurement method is to use a ruler. The use of ultrasonic technology f...
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  • Air bubble detector

    Sensors for infusion tube bubble monitoring: Bubble detection is very important in applications such as infusion pumps, hemodialysis, and blood flow monitoring. DYP introduced the L01 bubble sensor, which can be used...
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  • Snow depth measurement

    Sensors for snow depth measurement How to measure snow depth? Snow depth is measured using an ultrasonic snow depth sensor, which measures the distance to the ground below it. Ultrasonic transducers emit pulses and l...
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  • Dam water level measurement

    Sensors for water level monitoring of the Internet of Things In order to be able to reliably operate drinking water storage reservoirs and rivers in irrigation areas, accurate info...
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  • Well water level monitoring

     Sensors for urban disasters The water level monitoring system of urban wells(Manhole,sewer) is an important part of the construction of smart drainage. Through this system, the management department can globally gr...
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  • Smart waste bin level

    Ultrasonic sensor for Smart waste bins: Overflow and Auto open The DYP ultrasonic sensor module can provide two solutions for smart trash bins, automatic opening detection and waste fill level detection, to achieve o...
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  • Flooded road water level monitoring

    Sensors for urban disasters: Flooded road water level monitoring City management departments use water level data to grasp the waterlogging situation in the entire city in real time, and perform drainage scheduling i...
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  • Solid level appplication

    Sensors for Solid level Material level detection is widely used in agriculture, feed, chemical industry and other industries. The existing material level detection or monitoring methods have low automation, low effic...
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  • Open channel water level measurement

    Sensors for agriculture: Open channel water level monitoring Measuring water flow is the basic work of agricultural irrigation. It can effectively adjust the water distribution flow of each channel, and grasp the cha...
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