Trash Level Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Intelligent garbage can overflow monitoring sensor

    Intelligent garbage can overflow monitoring sensor

    YIHTONG, located in Henan, China, has developed an intelligent garbage bin overflow detector, which is matched with A13 sensor of our company for ultrasonic remote ranging application. YIHTONG uses ultrasonic sensor technology as the detection medium, transmits real-time...
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  • Garbage overflow monitoring terminal

    Garbage overflow monitoring terminal

    Firstsensor, headquartered in Hunan, China, provides customers with high-end customized sensor and IoT system integration solutions, and its products are widely used in smart cities, industrial interconnection and other fields. Their solution, Smart City Intelligent Garb...
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  • Smart Waste Bin Level

    Smart Waste Bin Level

    Project scope The construction content of Yuhang Smart Environmental Sanitation mainly includes environmental sanitation grid supervision subsystem, waste collection and transportation supervision subsystem, environmental sanitation vehicle supervision subsystem, environ...
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