Air Bubble detector DYP-L01

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Bubble detection is critical in applications such as infusion pumps, hemodialysis, and blood flow monitoring. L01 uses ultrasonic technology for bubble detection, which can correctly identify whether there are bubbles in any type of liquid flow.

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The features of L01 module include minimum 10uL alarm threshold and various output options: TTL level output, NPN output, switch output. This sensor uses a compact and sturdy ABS housing, non-contact measurement, no contact with liquid, no pollution to the detected liquid, IP67 waterproof standard.

•Non-contact measurement, no contact with liquid, no pollution to the test liquid
•Detection sensitivity and response time can be set according to user requirements.
•It is not affected by changes in fluid color and pipe material, and can detect bubbles in most liquids
•The sensor can be used in any position, and the liquid can flow up, down or at any angle. Gravity has no effect on detection capability.

Other specifications of pipe diameter can be customized according to user requirements

RoHS compliant
Multiple output interface: TTL Level, NPN output, Switch output
Operating voltage 3.3-24V
Average operating current≤15mA
0.2ms response time
Duration of 2s
Detect minimum 10uL bubble volumn
Suitable for 3.5~4.5mm outer diameter transfusion tube
Compact size, light weight module
Designed for easy integration into your project or product
Support remote upgrade
Operting temperature 0°C to +45°C

The tested medium includes purified water, sterilized water, 5% sodium bicarbonate, compound sodium chloride, 10% concentrated sodium chloride, 0.9% sodium chloride, glucose sodium chloride, 5%-50% concentration glucose, etc.

It is recommended to detect air, bubbles, and foams in the flowing liquid in the pipeline
It is recommended for the alarm if there is liquid in the pipeline
It is recommended for liquid delivery and infusion in medical pumps, pharmaceuticals, industry and scientific research.

No.  Output Interface  Model No.
L01 Series  GND-VCC Switch Positive output DYP-L012MPW-V1.0
VCC-GND Switch Negative output DYP-L012MNW-V1.0
 NPN output DYP-L012MN1W-V1.0
 TTL high level output DYP-L012MGW-V1.0
 TTL low level output  DYP-L012MDW-V1.0