Air bubble detector

Air bubble detector

Sensors for infusion tube bubble monitoring:

Bubble detection is very important in applications such as infusion pumps, hemodialysis, and blood flow monitoring.

DYP introduced the L01 bubble sensor, which can be used to continuously monitor fluids and detect bubbles in a non-invasive method. The L01 sensor uses ultrasonic technology to actively identify whether there is a flow interruption in any type of liquid.

DYP ultrasonic bubble sensor monitors the bubbles in the pipeline and provides signals. Small size, designed for easy integration into your project or product.

·Protection grade IP67

·Not affected by liquid color

·Working voltage 3.3-24V

·Easy installation

·Suitable for 3.5-4.5mm infusion tube

·No need for acoustic coupling agent

·Non-invasive measurement

·Various output options: switch output, NPN, TTL high and low level output

Air bubble detector

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