High Performance Ultrasonic Precision Rangefinder DYP-A09

Short Description:

The A09 module is a module that uses ultrasonic sensing technology for distance measurement. The module uses a waterproof ultrasonic transducer, which is highly adaptable to the working environment. The module has a built-in high-precision ranging algorithm and power management program, with high ranging accuracy and low power consumption.

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DYP-A09 module has flat object and people detection measurement modes, which can be changed by renew firmware. Flat detection mode has
Small beam angle, suitable for long distance measuring; People detection mode with high sensitivity, width beam angle, sensitive to small objects, suitable for people detection applications. the sensor working mode can be set mainly through changing the software version

Note: The software version is copy right by our company. Please note the requirements of the model setting must be confirmed before placing an order.

The A09 series Sensor have PWM Automatic, PWM Control, UART Automatic, UART Control and Switch connection type available for choosing in flat object measurement mode.

The A09 sensor special designed for plane object target processing, sensitive to plane object detection, built-in precision algorithm, which can measure the flat objects stablely within 3.5 meters.

The A09 series Sensor have PWM Automatic, PWM Control, UART Automatic, UART Control and Switch connection type available for choosing in people detecting mode.

The sensor is optimized for human targets under people detection mode, sensitive for human body detection, and more stable for human target measurement.

The object be detected in the blind area has high stability, which can be stably measured in the upper body of the human body within 1 meter, and also can be stably measured in 3.5 meters for
flat object.

·1-mm Resolution

·Automatic Temperature Compensation

·40kHz ultrasonic sensor object ranging measurement capacity

·CE RoHS compliant

·Various interface output formats: UART Automatic、UART Control, PWM, Switch

·Flat ranging mode dead zone 28cm

·People detection mode dead zone 28cm

·Max ranging measurement 350cm

·Working voltage 3.3-5.0Vdc

·Low average current requirement 8.0mA

·Controlled output static current<10uA

·Flat object measurement accuracy:±(1+S*0.5%),S equal measuring distance

·Interal high precision ranging arithmetic,Minimum tolerance<5mm

·Small volume, weight light

·Designed for easy integration into your project or product

·Operational temperature -15°C to +60°C

·IP67 protection

Recommend for robot avoidance and automatic control
Recommend for Object proximity and presence awareness
Recommend for Parking mangement system
Ideal for detecting slow-moving targets application

No. Application Main Spec. Output interface Model No.
A09A Series Flat Object measurement Narrow beam angel,Apply for long range measurement;
Flat range:20~350cm;
UART Automatic  DYP-A09ANYUW-V1.0
UART Control DYP-A09ANYTW-V1.0
PWM Automatic  DYP-A09ANYWW-V1.0
PWM Control DYP-A09ANYMW-V1.0
Switch DYP-A09ANYGDW-V1.0


A09B series People Detection Wide beam angel, Apply for small object measurement; Flat range:28~350cm;
Stability Detection on the upper body in 100cm
UART Automatic  DYP-A09BNYUW-V1.0
UART Control DYP-A09BNYTW-V1.0
PWM Automatic  DYP-A09BNYWW-V1.0
PWM Control DYP-A09BNYMW-V1.0
Switch DYP-A09BNYGDW-V1.0