High Performance Ultrasonic Precision Rangefinder DYP-ME007YS

Short Description:

ME007YS-moduleis a module that uses ultrasonic sensing technology for distance measurement. The module adopts Transmitter and receiver integrated probe and anti-water probe design. The sensor is stable and reliable and has a long life span. Which is highly adaptable to the poor working condition. The module has a built-in high-precision ranging algorithm and power management program, with high ranging accuracy and low power consumption.

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Product Specifications

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1-mm Resolution

High sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability

Long distance measurement from 28 cm to 450cm

Small volume, weight light

100cm wire length。

The ME007YS is a great choice for applications where only larger objects need to be detected.

The ME007YS module can output almost noise-free range readings by using a combination of real-time waveform feature analysis and noise suppression algorithms. It is the same performance even in the condition of many different acoustic or electrical noise sources.

1-mm Resolution
Automatic Temperature Compensation
40kHz ultrasonic sensor object ranging measurement capacity
CE RoHS compliant
Various interface output formats:UART Automatic、UART Control, PWM、Switch
Dead zone 28cm
Max ranging measurement 450cm
Working voltage 3.3-12.0Vdc
Low average current requirement 8.0mA
Low power consumption design,
Static current < 10uA
Working current < 8mA (12vdc power supply)
Flat object measurement accuracy:±(1+S*0.5%),S equal measuring distance
Interal high precision ranging arithmetic,error<5mm
Small volume, weight light,
The sensors are Designed for easy integration into your project or product
Operational temperature -15°C to +60°C
IP67 protection

Recommend for robot avoidance and automatic control
Recommend for Object proximity and presence awareness application
Recommend for Parking mangement system
Ideal for detecting slow-moving targets application

No. Output Interface Model
ME007YS series UART Automatic  DYP-ME007YS-TX V2.0
UART Control DYP-ME007YS-TX1 V2.0
Switch value DYP-ME007YS-KG V2.0