High precision non-contact ultrasonic fuel level sensor DYP-U02

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U02 oil level module is a sensor device designed with ultrasonic detection technology to measure the height of oil or liquid medium without contact.

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The feature of U02 module include 1 millimeter resolution, 5cm to 100cm measurement distance, round metal structure, and various connection type optional, RS485,RS232, 0-5Vdc analog voltage output,It can be connected to networked equipment to realize network monitoring and management.

The U02 Series module is a strong ultrasonic sensor component, The sensor is built in a compact and rugged metal housing and internal circuit potting treatment. which meets the IP67 waterproof standards.

The U02 can find the best installation position by using a combination of real-time waveform feature analysis technology. built-in strong magnet. which can attach to the iron container easily. and equipped with special metal fixing bracket, simple installation and firm fixing.

1-MM Resolution
Built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation
Built-in Automatic correction Temperature diviation
Stable output from -15℃ to +60℃
2.0MHz frequency ultrasonic sensor,High solid penetration, suitable for metal, plastic and other materials of containers
CE RoHS compliant
Various connection type formats: RS485, RS232, 0-5Vdc analog voltage, flexable interface capacity
Dead band 5cm
Max ranging measurement 100cm
Working voltage 12-48.0Vdc,
Working current <25.0mA
Measurement accuracy:5MM
Measuring container thickness 0.6-5mm
Small size, Light weight module
The sensors are designed for easy integration in your project or product
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
IP67 protection

Recommend for Vehicle fuel tank oil level monitoring
Recommend for storage tank liquid level measuring
Recommend for container water level monitoring
Recommend for container liquid gas level detecting

Pos. Connection type Model
U02 series RS232  DYP-U022M2W-V1.0
RS485  DYP-U022M4W-V1.0
0-5V analog voltage DYP-U022MVW-V1.1