Integrated waterproof ultrasonic liquid level sensor DYP-L02

Short Description:

The L02 ultrasonic liquid level measurement sensor series breakthrough the traditional opening can installation method and achieved the real-time non-contact liquid level monitoring in a closed container. The sensor need be attached to the bottom center of the container to detect its liquid level height. or attached to the side wall of the container to detect whether there is liquid in the container at the monitoring point.

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The feature of L02 module include 1 Millimeter resolution, 2cm to 200cm measurement range, Various connection type output optional: UART Automatic out, UART Controlled output, Switch output, PNP/NPN output.

The L02 Series module is a strong ultrasonic sensor component, The sensor is built in a compact and rugged plastic ABS housing and internal circuit potting treatment. which meets the IP67 waterproof standards.

1. The sensor dead band and its maximum detecting distance is different according to the container made of various material such as steel, glass, iron, Ceramics, non-foamed plastics, etc. in room temperature.

2. The sensor dead band and its maximum detecting distance is different according to the different thickness in the same container under room temperature.

3. The detecting value output of the liquid level is unstable if the liquid height is over maximum measurement range of the sensor or when the liquid level of the measured liquid is sloshing or tilted.

4. In order to obtain the best performance, Please ensure that the shape of the container needs to be relatively regular and the surface is relatively flat.

1 Millimeter Resolution
Stable output from -15℃ to +60℃
2.0MHz frequency ultrasonic sensor,High solid penetration, suitable for containers made by metal, plastic and other materials
CE RoHS compliant
Various connection type outputs: UART serial port output, Switch value output, PNP/NPN output, flexable interface capacity
Dead band 2cm
Max ranging measurement 200cm
Working voltage 2.8-5.0Vdc
Working current <2.5-5mA
Measurement accuracy:±(5+S*0.5%)MM,S stands for measured distance
Measuring container thickness 0.6-5mm
Small size, Light weight module
The sensors are designed for easy integration in your project or product
Operating temperature -15°C to +60°C
IP67 protection

Recommend for Real-time liquid height monitoring in the closed container which made by stainless, iron, glass, ceramic, non-foamed plastic etc..
Recommend for real-time Non serious deposition of pure single liquid or Miscibility of mixed liquids level monitoring
Recommend for smart water bottle, smart beer barrel, smart LPG container and other smart liquid level monitoring control system

Pos. Connection type Model
L02 series UART Automatic output DYP-L023MUW-V1.0
UART Controlled output  DYP-L023MTW-V1.0
Switch value output  DYP-L023MGDW-V1.0
PNP/NPN output  DYP-L023MPNW-V1.0