Large-range high-precision ultrasonic water level sensor DYP-A16

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The A16 module designed with ultrasonic sensing technology for distance measurement. The module adopts high-performance processor, high-quality components and anti-water probe design. The sensor is stable and reliable and has a long life span. Which is highly adaptable to the poor working condition.

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A16 Series ultrasonic sensor include 1 millimeter resolution, 50cm to 1500cm long measuring distance, reflective structure, and various connection type optional, which include PWM, UART Controlled, UART Automatic, RS485 and RS232.

The A16 Series module is a strong ultrasonic sensor component, its transducer has corrosion resistant protection. The sensor is built in a compact and rugged nylon housing, which meets the IP67 waterproof standards.

The A16 module can output almost zero noise range readings by using a combination of real-time waveform feature analysis and noise suppression algorithms. It is the same performance even in the poor condition effected by many different acoustic or electrical noise sources.

1-CM Resolution
Built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation
Built-in Automatic correction Temperature diviation
Stable output from -15℃ to +60℃
40kHz ultrasonic sensor object ranging measurement capacity
CE RoHS compliant
Various connection type formats: UART Auto, UART Controlled, PWM, RS485, RS232, flexable interface capacity
Dead band 50cm
Max ranging measurement 1500cm
Working voltage 3.3-524.0Vdc,
Low power consumption design
Static current<15.0uA
Working current <10.0mA( 5Vdc power Supply)
Flat mode measurement accuracy:±(1+S*0.3%),S stands for measured distance
Small size, Light weight module
Adopt reflective structure design, long measurement range, narrow beam angle
The sensors are designed for easy integration in your project or product
Operating temperature -15°C to +60°C
IP67 protection

Recommend for reservoir level monitoring
Recommend for open channel and river level measuring
Recommend for smart detecting system

Pos. Connection type Model
A16 series UART Automatic DYP-A16NYUW-V1.0
UART Controlled DYP-A16NYTW-V1.0
Switch  DYP-A16NYGDW-V1.0
RS485  DYP-A16NY4W-V1.0
RS232  DYP-A16NY2W-V1.0