Non-contact ultrasonic level sensor

The DS1603 is a non-contact ultrasonic level sensor that uses the principle of reflection of ultrasonic waves in liquid to detect the height of liquid. It can detect the level of liquid without direct contact with the liquid and can accurately measure the level of various toxic substances, strong acids, strong alkalis and various pure liquids in a high temperature and high pressure closed container.

DS1603 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The liquid level sensor can detect a maximum height of 2m, using a voltage of DC3.3V-12V, using UART serial port automatic output, can be used with all kinds of main controller, such as arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.. The module has a response time of 1S and a resolution of 1mm. It can output the current level in real time for changes in the liquid level in the container, even if the liquid in the container is empty and goes into liquid again without restarting. It also comes with temperature compensation, which automatically corrects the measured value according to the actual working temperature value to ensure that the detected height is accurate enough.

Non-contact liquid level sensor working daigram

Non-contact liquid level sensor working daigram

The module is designed with an integrated probe, small in size and simple to install. It has no special requirements on the material of the liquid medium and container, metal, ceramic, plastic and glass can be effectively penetrated, and can be widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, pharmaceutical, water supply and drainage, environmental protection and other systems and industries for real-time level detection of various media.


DS1603 construction dimensions


●At room temperature, different materials of containers, steel, glass, iron, ceramics, no foam plastic and other dense materials, its detection blind area and detection limit height are also different.
●The same material container at room temperature, with different container thicknesses, its detection blind area and detection limit height are also different.
●Unstable value of the detected liquid height when the detection level exceeds the effective detection value of the module and when the level of the liquid being measured is shaking or tilting considerably.
●Coupling or AB glue shall be applied to the sensor surface when using this module, and the coupling agent is used for testing purposes and will not be fixed. If the module is to be fixed in a certain place for a long period of time, please apply AB glue (glue A and glue B should be mixed 1:1).

Coupling agent、AB glue

Technical specifications

●Operating voltage: DC3.3V-12V  
●Average current: <35mA  
●Blind spot distance: ≤50mm
●Liquid level detection: 50 mm – 20,000 mm
●Working cycle: 1S
●Output method: UART serial port
●Resolution: 1mm
●Response time with liquid: 1S
●Response time without liquid: 10S
●Room temperature accuracy: (±5+S*0.5%)mm
●Probe centre frequency: 2MHz
●ESD: ±4/±8KV
●Operating temperature: -15-60°C
●Storage temperature: -25-80°C
●Compatible media: metal, plastic and glass etc.
●Dimensions: diameter 27.7mm±0.5mm, height 17mm±1mm, wire length 450mm±10mm

Distribution list

●Ultrasonic liquid level sensor
●Coupling agent
●AB Glue

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DS1603 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

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