Smart bin overflow detection

The smart bin overflow ultrasonic sensor is a microcomputer-controlled product that emits ultrasonic waves, and obtains accurate measurement results by calculating the time consumed by ultrasonic wave transmission.

Due to the strong direction of the ultrasonic distance sensor, ultrasonic testing method for point to surface testing, testing a wide range of coverage; low power consumption design garbage detector, in the outdoor garbage can use need to save energy and power. Built-in true target recognition algorithm, high accuracy of target recognition, measurement angle can be controlled, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference. The detector will not be affected by the difference of light and color inside the garbage bin. In the sanitation industry, the ultrasonic distance measuring sensor is widely used to detect the overflow of garbage in the garbage bin.


The working principle of trash can full overflow detector is generally controlled by microcomputer, the piezoelectric probe emits ultrasonic waves, and the time required to detect the return of the object is worth the relative distance from the product to the tested object through ultrasonic transmission. There is a kind of ultrasonic intelligent sensing garbage can device, which uses ultrasonic distance measuring technology to monitor the garbage in the garbage can in real time, and when the garbage is full to a certain degree, it outputs the overflow information content, and the information content is sent to the remote receiving and monitoring management platform, and then the platform sends instructions to the maintenance terminal device to dispose of the garbage can through the garbage can overflow information content.


■Overflow detector application of ultrasonic technology with high accuracy;

■The detector has built-in temperature compensation algorithm, and the accuracy of measuring objects can reach the cm level;

■ Detector low-power MCU chip control, standby power consumption to uA level, suitable for battery power, convenient for outdoor use;

■ Built-in data stabilization filtering algorithm, IP67 level dustproof and waterproof through waterproof shell sealing

Smart bin overflow detection (1)


The bin overflow monitoring terminal is installed on the top face of the garbage. By detecting the distance from the debris in the garbage can to the probe surface at regular intervals

Realize the real-time monitoring and management of garbage can status. The terminal is powered by battery and has the features of easy installation, long battery life, high monitoring accuracy and stable work.

S02 smart bin overflow ultrasonic sensor detection

Full load Alarm丨Full overflow monitoring丨Efficient and intelligent

Smart bin overflow detection (2)

Helping Smart Cities

Overflowing garbage cans without management seriously affect the living environment

Smart bin overflow detection (3) Smart bin overflow detection (4)

smart bin overflow ultrasonic sensor detection

Based on NB-IOT network and ultrasonic distance measurement


 Technology Features

01 Battery power supply, wireless control, easy to use

Smart bin overflow detection (5)


02 High measurement accuracy, full overflow accuracy up to centimeter level

Smart bin overflow detection (6)


03 Strong stability, no fear of rain and dirt affecting the prob

Smart bin overflow detection (7)


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