Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor Applied In River Channel Liquid Level Monitoring

Using the time required in ultrasonic emission and reception to convert the liquid level height or distance is a method frequently used in the field of liquid level monitoring. This non-contact method is stable and reliable, so it is widely used.

In the past, river water level monitoring was generally obtained by manual field measurement to obtain data.Although this method is reliable,it also has many problems,for example:

(1) There is a certain danger in the manual field measurement on the river bank(the river is 5M deep)

(2) Unable to Work in bad weather conditions

(3) The measured value is not very accurate, can only be a reference

(4) High cost, and multiple field data records are required per day.


Water level monitoring system achieve the work of water level monitoring through ultrasonic liquid level sensor,digital meter,monitoring camera and other automatic equipment.The completion of the project enables the staff to complete the observation of the river water level in the office without leaving the house, which brings great convenience to the staff. At the same time, the application of ultrasonic liquid level sensor in the monitoring process improves the accuracy of water level measurement.

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-Range capability as far as 10m, blind spot as low as 25cm

-Stable, unaffected by light and colour of the measured object

-High precision to meet the needs of water level monitoring

Post time: Sep-28-2022