Ultrasonic underwater distance and obstacle avoidance sensor for pool cleaning robot

The pool cleaning robot is an intelligent robot that travels in the pool and performs automatic pool cleaning, automatically cleaning leaves, debris, moss, etc. Like our home cleaning robot, it is mainly cleaning up the garbage. The main difference is that one works in the water and the other on the ground.


Pool cleaning robots

It is only in the water that the working environment is more complex and often difficult to control. In the past, most pool cleaning robots have been manually towed or controlled in real time by the operator on the shore by observing the robot’s movement.

So how do intelligent robots in the water now travel independently to clean up and avoid obstacles? According to our understanding, a typical family pool is 15 meters long and up to 12 meters wide. The robot uses turbine counter-propulsion to drive in the water, and uses ultrasonic water distance sensors to avoid obstacles at the edge of the pool or around corners.


Applications of underwater distance sensors

This type of ultrasonic underwater distance sensor is a mainframe with 4 sensors, which can be installed in 4 positions on the robot by distributing them, 2 wave speeds forward and 1 wave speed left and right, so that they can cover different perspectives in multiple directions and reduce dead ends. The 2 wave speeds directly in front of each other assist each other, even during cornering, so that there are no blind spots like when we drive around corners. It solves the phenomenon of collisions due to blind spots.

DYP-L04 Ultrasonic Underwater Ranging Sensor, the eyes of underwater robot

The L04 underwater range sensor is an underwater robot obstacle avoidance sensor specially designed for pool cleaning robots by Shenzhen DYP. It has the advantages of small size, small blind spot, high accuracy and good waterproof performance. It supports modbus protocol and is available in two different ranges, angles and blind zones for users with different needs. It is one of the suppliers of obstacle avoidance sensors to many manufacturers of underwater robotic equipment.


L04 Underwater Distance Measuring Sensor

Post time: Feb-09-2023