UB800-18GM40 Ultrasonic sensor

Short Description:

Ultrasonic proximity switch

  • measuring range 60-800mm
  • NPN output
  • window mode
  • cylindrical M18

Product Detail


Technical parameter
  Measuring range 60~800mm
  Regulating range 60~800mm
  Blind zone 0~60mm
  Standard test board 100×100mm
  Angle ±7°
  Transducer frequency 200KHz
  Response time 100ms
  Operating voltage 9~30VDC,10%Vpp
  Protection circuit reverse polarity protection
Instantaneous overvoltage protection
  No-load current ≤25mA
  Rated working current 200mA,Short circuit protection/overload protection
  Red light No target detected in learning state, always on.
  Yellow light In the normal working mode, the switch state
In learning mode, it flashes.


  Output mode NPN
  Resolution 0.5mm
  Repeatability 0.3% Full scale value
  Temperature drift 0.05%/ºC (temperature compensation)
  Linearity <1%


  Operating temperature -20℃~+70℃(253~343K)
  Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃(233~358K)
  Electromagnetic compatibility GB/T17626.2-2006 GB/T17626.4-2008
  Class of protection IP65
  Connection mode M12 Connector,4 needles
  Sheathing material Copper nickel plating