UBD60-18GM75 Double sheet sensor

Short Description:

Double sheet sensor

  • Ultrasonic system for reliable detection of no, one, or two overlapping sheet materials
  • Insensitive to printing, colors, and shining surfaces
  • NPN , NO contact
  • Can learn different papers

Product Detail


Technical parameter
  Measuring range 30~60mm
  Transducer frequency 200KHz
  Operating voltage 18~30VDC,10%Vpp
  Refresh rate 1ms
  Method of detection Contactless type
  Testing material Ideal for reliable detection of no, single or multiple overlapping materials
  Output mode 3*NPN
  Calibration mode Has calibration mode
  Indicators LED green:single sheet detected
LED yellow:no sheet detected (Air)
LED red:double sheet detected
  No-load current <50mA
  Pulse length ≥ 100 ms
  Impedance >4kΩ
  Output type switching output: NPN , NO contact
  Voltage drop <2V
  Learning line Sheet energy used to calibrate different materials
  Switch-on delay 15ms
  Switch-off delay 15ms


  Operating temperature -20℃~+70℃(253~343K)
  Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃(233~358K)
  Electromagnetic compatibility GB/T17626.2-2006
  Class of protection IP65
  Connection mode VC, six-conductor cable, 2 meters
  Sheathing material Copper nickel plating
  Weight 170g