With insight into the fill-level of your waste containers, you will ultimately be able to steer the refuse depositing behaviour of your users

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S02 Waste bin filling level detector is a product designed with ultrasonic technology and integrated with the IoT automatic control module. The product is mainly used to detect the overflow of trash bin and automatically report to the network server, which is convenient for managing trash bins everywhere and reducing labors cost, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

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By gaining insight into how full your trash container is, you’ll finally be able to control your users’ trash behavior. The S02 IoT sensor measures the liquid level every hour and sends this data over the NB-IOT network. The S02 protection level reaches IP67, and the service life of the S02 IoT sensor is more than 10 years. Dianyingpu is at your service and provides after-sales support!

The S02 garbage monitoring terminal via IoT is a very innovative system. It is based on ultrasonic technology and designed in combination with he IoT automatic control application. Which will help keep the city clean. The Internet of Things is a network of physical devices embedded with software, sensors, and network connections that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

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Application: The product is mainly for garbage bin overflow detection and automatic network reporting, for urban sanitation, community, airport, office building and other scenes of garbage visualization management, reducing unnecessary vehicle fuel costs and labor costs caused by garbage recycling, and optimizing cleaning Recycling and converting logistics to reduce operating costs.

Fill level measurement in containers

• Measuring range: 25-200cm
• Integrated dustbin-specific ultrasonic sensors, with high precision, reliability and strong anti-interference ability
• Support tilt angle detection, range 0~180°, real-time reporting of garbage bin overflow and flip status information
• NB-Iot ( CAT-M1 optional) network standard, supporting most operators in Europe and North America
• A multi-functional waterproof button, easy to use
• An LED indicator light, the working status of the product is clear to monitor
•GPS reports position information, which is convenient for system integration of routing and dispatching task planning
•Built-in 13000mAH high-capacity battery, low battery automatic alarm
•Battery life of 5 years in normal use
• The host and the sensor adopt a split structure design, which is suitable for installation and is compatible with trash cans of different calibers, sizes and depths
•Waterproof structure design, IP67 protect.
•Working temperature -20~+70℃

Fill level measurement in containers

Recommended for overflow detection of various garbage bins and garbage rooms
Recommended for wireless liquid level (water level) detection
Recommended for sensor detection (ranging, displacement, vibration, inclination attitude) + IoT applications

S/N S02 Series Feature Output method Remark
1 DYP-S02NBW-V1.0 waterproof housing NB-Iot
2 DYP-S02M1W-V1.0 waterproof housing CAT-M1