Four direction detection ultrasonic obstacle avoidance sensor (DYP-A05)

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The A05 module series is a high-performance ranging module designed with four enclosed integrated waterproof probes. It can measure distances from objects in four different directions.

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A05 is a high-performance ultrasonic ranging sensor.Features of the A20 module include millimeter resolution, four-direction testing, range information of detectable targets from 250mm to 4500mm, Multiple output interfaces optional: serial port, RS485,Relay.

The A05 series transducer adopts a closed integrated waterproof probe with a 2500mm extension cable,A certain level of dust and water resistance, suitable for wet and harsh measurement occasions Meeting your application in any scenario.

mm level resolution
On-board temperature compensation function, automatic correction of temperature deviation, stable ranging from -15°C to +60°C
40kHz ultrasonic sensor measures the distance to the object
RoHS compliant
Multiple output interfaces optional: UART,RS485, Relay.
Dead band 25cm
Max range 450cm
Working voltage is 9.0-36.0V.
Measurement accuracy of plane objects: ±(1+S*0.3%)cm, S represent the measurement distance
Small and light module
Designed for easy integration into your project or product

Recommend for robot obstacle avoidance and automatic control
Recommend for object proximity and presence detection applications
Recommend for slow moving targets

No. Output interface Model No.
A05 series serial port DYP-A05LYU-V1.1
RS485 DYP-A05LY4-V1.1
Relay DYP-A05LYJ-V1.1