Gas Cylinder Level Sensor solves the problem of how to measure the remaining liquid level in a Propane Bottle.

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L06-liquefied gas level sensor a  non-contact liquid level measurement instrument.   Don’t need to drill a hole in the gas tank.  Easily measure the remaining level height or volume by sticking the sensor to the bottom of the gas tank.

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Gas Cylinder Level Sensor solves the problem of how to measure the remaining liquid level in a Propane Bottle.,
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L06-liquefied gas level sensor is a sensor that uses high-frequency ultrasonic detection technology to measure the liquid level of liquefied gas without contact For non-contact measurement, user equipment can connect to the sensor through NB-lot, HTTP, LoRaWAN and other methods to upload data to the platform, which can remotely monitor the usage of liquefied gas.

L06 Gas tank (LPG) level measuring sensor

• Small blind spot
• Support baud rate modification
• Intelligently judge the success of the installation, and adjust the adaptive media to the best state
• High protection level
• Wide operating temperature
• Strong anti-static
• Standby ultra-low power consumption
• With temperature compensation, high measurement accuracy
• Stable and reliable measurement data

L06 Gas tank level measuring sensor

•3.3V~5V working voltage
•Sleep current is less than 15uA
•3cm standard blind spot
•Detection of liquid level range 3~100cm
•The default baud rate is 115200, which can be modified to 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400,57600, 76800
•Measuring resolution 1mm
•Measurement accuracy +(5+S*1%)mm (S is the measured value)
•Support horizontal tilt detection, range 0~180°
•Non-contact level measurement, safe
•Full-scale real-time tracking, no need to restart empty container
•Working temperature -15°C to +60°C
•Storage temperature -25°C to +70°C
•Dustproof and waterproof industrial design, protection grade IP67

Recommended for Level detection of liquefied gas in iron tank and fiberglass tank, etc


S/N L06 series output method remark
1 DYP-L062MTW-V1.0 UART Control output
2 DYP-L062MCW-V1.0 IIC