High Performance Ultrasonic Precision Rangefinder DYP-A08

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The A08 sensor is a high-performance ultrasonic precision distance meter, suitable for measuring liquid levels in most scenarios, including river and sewer levels, etc.

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According to different characteristics and advantages, the module are including three series:

A08A series modules are mainly used for Plane distance measurement.

A08B series modules are mainly used for Human body distance measurement.

A08C series modules, mainly used for Smart waste bin level.

The stable measurement range of A08A series modules is 25cm~800cm. Its characteristic advantages are large range and small angle, that is, the module has a small beam angle while having long-distance ranging (>8M), which is suitable for distance and height measurement in applications.

The stable measurement range of A08B series modules is 25cm~500cm. Its characteristics and advantages are high sensitivity and large angle, that is, the module has a strong detection ability, and can identify objects with a small sound wave reflection coefficient or a small sound wave effective reflection area within the effective measurement range, which can be applied to specific application.

The A08C series modules have only one output mode for UART automatic output.The measurement setting range of this module is 25cm~200cm. In order to effectively filter out the diameter of the trash can and the baffle and other reflected echoes to normally detect the trash in the trash can, the module has a built-in frame filtering algorithm, and receives a falling edge pulse through the Pin(RX), which can automatically filter the inner frame at a distance of 30cm~80cm Interference, up to four frame interference can be filtered at the same time.

Centimeter resolution
On-board temperature compensation function, automatic correction of temperature deviation, stable ranging from -15°C to +60°C
40kHz ultrasonic sensor measures the distance to the object
RoHS compliant
Multiple output modes: PWM processing value output, UART automatic output and UART controlled output, with strong interface adaptability.
Blind zone 25cm
Maximum detection distance 800cm
Working voltage is 3.3-5.0V
Low power consumption design, static current <5uA,operating current <15mA
Measurement accuracy of plane objects: ±(1+S*0.3%)cm, S represents the measurement distance
Compact size and light module
Ultrasonic transducer intelligent matching technology, which can automatically adjust the ultrasonic transducer to the best working condition
Designed for easy integration into your project or product
Operating temperature -15°C to +60°C
Weather resistance IP67

Recommended for
Sewer level monitoring
Narrow angle horizontal ranging
Smart waste bin fill level

 No.  Application  Output interface  Model No.
 A08A Series  Plane distance measuring UART Auto DYP-A08ANYUB-V1.0
 UART Controlled DYP-A08ANYTB-V1.0
 PWM Output DYP-A08ANYWB-V1.0
 Switch Output  DYP-A08ANYGDB-V1.0
A08B Series  Human body distance measuring UART Auto DYP-A08BNYUB-V1.0
 UART Controlled DYP-A08BNYTB-V1.0
PWM Output DYP-A08BNYWB-V1.0
 Switch Output  DYP-A08BNYGDB-V1.0
 A08C Series Smart waste bin level  UART Auto Output DYP-A08CNYUB-V1.0