High-precision waste bin overflow monitoring sensor (DYP-A13)

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A13 series ultrasonic sensor module designed with reflective structure, the module is a high-performance, high-reliability commercial-grade functional module specially developed for the trash bin solution.

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Features of the A13 module include millimeter resolution, 25cm to 200cm range, reflective construction and severaloutput types: PWM pulse width output, UART controlled output, UART automatic output, switching output, RS485 output .

The characteristics and advantages of the A13 module are high sensitivity and small angle, that is, the module has a strong detection ability, and can identify objects with a small sound wave reflection coefficient or a small sound wave effective reflection area within the effective measurement range. It can be applied to waste bin . Suitable for waste bin fill level.

In addition,,Firmware filtering for excellent noise tolerance and clutter rejection.

mm level resolution
On-board temperature compensation function, automatic correction of temperature deviation, stable ranging from -15°C to +60°C
40kHz ultrasonic sensor measures the distance to the object
RoHS compliant
ultiple output interfaces optional: PWM pulse width , UART controlled , UART automatic, Switch ,RS485.
Dead band 25cm
Max range 200cm
Working voltage is 3.3-24V.
Working current ≤8mA, ≤15mA (RS485)
Low power consumption design, standby current ≤10uA
Measurement accuracy of plane objects: ±(1+S*0.3%)cm, S represent the measurement distance
Small and light module
Designed for easy integration into your project or product
Waterproof IP67

Recommend for Waste bin fill level
Recommend for smart parking system
Recommend for container liquid level height detection

No. Application Main Spec. Output interface Model No.
A13A model Waste bin fill level  Measuring range 25cm~200cm; built-in algorithm data is more stable  UART auto DYP-A13NYUW-V1.0
UART controlled DYP-A13NYTW-V1.0
PWM controlled DYP-A13NYMW-V1.0
Switch DYP-A13NYGDW-V1.0
RS485  DYP-A13NY4W-V1.0
A13B model Plane object range Measuring range 25cm~200cm; data response cycle  is quick UART auto DYP-A13BNYUW-V1.0
UART controlled DYP-A13BNYTW-V1.0
PWM controlled DYP-A13BNYMW-V1.0
Switch DYP-A13BNYGDW-V1.0