Small size Waterproof laser sensor (DYP-R01)

Short Description:

R01 module is a small waterproof laser ranging sensor with indoor range of 2-400cm.

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Features of the R01 module include millimeter resolution, 2cm to 400cm range, reflective construction and severaloutput types: UART controlled output, UART automatic output, switching output, IIC output.

• Working voltage:3.35;

2cm standard blind area ;

Maximum range of 2~400cm ;

• A variety of output modes are available,UART auto / controlled, switch volume TTL level (3.3V),IIC;

• The default baud rate is 115,200, Supports modification to 48009600144001920038400, 57600, 76800;

• Ms-level response time, typical value of data output time is 30mS;

• Detection angle of about 19 ° (φ7.5×100cm white PVC tube @100cm);

• Waterproof structure, waterproof grade IP67

• The installation adaptability is strong, exposed sensor area is circular design, installation method is simple, stable and reliable;

• Working temperature -25°C to +65°C



No. Output interface Model No.
R01 series UART auto DYP-R01UW-V1.0
UART controlled DYP-R01TW-V1.0
Switch output DYP-R01GDW-V1.0