Transceiver ultrasonic sensor DYP-A06

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A06 series ultrasonic sensor module designed with reflective structure, Adopting waterproof transducer,IP67 suitable for harsh environments. Build in high-precision distance sensing algorithm and power consumption procedure.long range and small angle.

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Features of the A06 module include millimeter resolution,range from 25cm to 600cm, wired and unwired versions,output type: PWM pulse width output, UART controlled output, UART automatic output, switch output


The A06 module has two measurement modes: plane and human body. It is mainly set by hardware. Changing the circuit board mode and setting the resistance value can set the module to different measurement modes. The mode setting resistor is located on the back of the circuit board, at the position marked mode.


When the resistance value of the mode setting resistance is floating, 0Ω, 20KΩ, 36KΩ, the module is set to plane mode.
There are four output types in this mode: UART automatic output, UART controlled output, high-level pulse width output, and switch output.

The human body model optimizes the human target, more sensitive and stable.
The internal measurement of the object has high stability, which can stably measure the upper body of the human body within 150cm, the measurable distance is relatively short.


·mm level resolution
·Internal temperature compensation
·40kHz ultrasonic sensor measure distance to objects
·CE ROHS compliant
·Multiple output interfaces optional:UART auto,UART controlled,PWM auto,PWM controlled, Switch ,RS485
·Dead band 25cm
·Max measuring range is 600cm
·Working voltage is 3.3-5.0V.
·Low power consumption design, standby current ≤5uA.Standby current<15uA(3.3v)
·Accuracy of meauring flat objects:±(1+S* 0.3%),S as measuring range.
·Small, light weight module
·Designed for easy integrated into your project and product
·Operational temperature -15°C to +60°C

Recommend for Waste bin fill level
Recommend for smart parking system
Recommend for water level of container

No. Application Main Spec. Output interface Model No.
A06 Series Flat object Integrated enclosed transducer  UART auto DYP-A06NYU-V1.1
UART controlled DYP-A06NYT-V1.1
Switch DYP-A06NYGD-V1.1
Reversing radar with wire transducer  UART auto DYP-A06LYU-V1.1
UART controlled DYP-A06LYT-V1.1
Switch DYP-A06LYGD-V1.1