Capacitive high-precision ultrasonic range finder (DYP-H01)

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The H01 module is a high-performance, high-reliability commercial-grade functional module specially developed for height measurement.

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Product Description

Features of the H01 module include millimeter resolution, 10cm to 800cm range, reflective construction and severaloutput types: UART output ,PWM automatic output,PWM controlled output,RS485 output.
The product can accurately detect the Distance to a flat object within 800cm,the human body within the range of 100mm to 3000mm.

·mm level resolution

·On-board temperature compensation function, automatic correction of temperature deviation, stable ranging from -10°C to +50°C

·40kHz ultrasonic sensor measure distance to objects

·CE ROHS compliant

·Multiple output interfaces optional:UART,PWM auto,PWM controlled,RS485

·10cm dead band,objects closer than 10cm range as 10cm

·Max measuring range is 800cm

·3.3-5.0V 5.0-12.0V input voltage ·Working current ≤25mA (RS485 output)

·Accuracy of meauring flat objects:±(1+S* 0.3%),S as measuring range.

·Small, light weight module

·Designed for easy integrated into your project and product

·Operational temperature -10°C to +50°C

Recommend for robot obstacle avoidance and automatic control.

Recommend for intelligent altimeter

Recommend for slow moving targets

No. Output interface Model No.
H01 Series UART DYP-H01IOU-V1.0
PWM processing value DYP-H01IOW-V1.0
RS485 DYP-H01IO4-V1.0