High Performance Ultrasonic Precision Rangefinder DYP-A15

Short Description:

The A15 module is a module that uses ultrasonic sensing technology for distance measurement. The module adopts high-performance processor, high-quality components and anti-water probe design. The sensor is stable and reliable and has a long life span. Which is highly adaptable to the poor working condition. The module has a built-in high-precision ranging algorithm and power management program, with high ranging accuracy and low power consumption.

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• Small measurement angle, Strong directiovity

• Built-in target recognition algorithm, High target recognition accuracy

• Built-in high-precision measurement algorithm,

• Controllable measuring angle, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability

The A15 module can output almost noise-free range readings by using a combination of real-time waveform feature analysis and noise suppression algorithms. It is the same performance even in the condition of many different acoustic or electrical noise sources.

1-mm Resolution
Automatic Temperature Compensation
40kHz ultrasonic sensor object ranging measurement capacity
CE RoHS compliant
Various interface output formats: UART, PWM, Switch, rs232, rs485, analog voltage, analog current,
Dead band 15cm
Max ranging measurement 200cm
Working voltage 3.3-24.0Vdc, 10.0-30.-vdc, 15.0-30.0vdc
Low power consumption design
Static current<15.0uA
Working current <15.0mA ( 5.0Vdc power supply)
Measurement accuracy:±(1+S*0.5%),S equal measuring distance
Small volume, weight light module
The sensors are designed for easy integration in your project or product
Operational temperature -15°C to +60°C
IP67 protection

Recommend for Industrial automatic control and Object detection
Recommend for Object proximity and presence awareness application

No. outputs interface Model
A15 series UART Automatic output DYP-A15NYUW-V1.0
UART Control DYP-A15NYTW-V1.0
RS232  DYP-A15NY2W-V1.0
RS485  DYP-A15NY4W-V1.0
Switch DYP-A15NYGDW-V1.0
0~5V   DYP-A15NYVW-V1.0
0~10V   DYP-A15NYV1W-V1.0
4~20mA   DYP-A15NYIW-V1.0
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