Smart waste bin level

Smart waste bin level (1)

Ultrasonic sensor for Smart waste bins: Overflow and Auto open

The DYP ultrasonic sensor module can provide two solutions for smart trash bins, automatic opening detection and waste fill level detection, to achieve overflow detection and contact-free detection of trash bins(containers).

DYP ultrasonic sensor modules have been installed and applied on trash bins(containers) in many cities. Integrated into customer’s management system, realizing clean the waste in time and plan the best route. Beautify the city, Reduce labor costs and fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions.

The DYP ultrasonic sensor module can measure waste fill level in the trash can and people approaching. Small size, designed for easy integration into your project or product.

·Protection grade IP67

·Low power consumption design, support battery power supply

Not affected by object transparency

·Easy installation

·Narrow beam angle

·Various output options: RS485 output, UART output, switch output, PWM output

Smart waste bin level (2)

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