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Shenzhen Dianyingpu Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DYP) located in shenzhen city was incorporated in 2008, as a China national high-tech enterprises designs and manufactures ultrasonic sensors, providing OEM, ODM, JDM business service of ultrasonic sensor solutions.DYP company provided millions of sensors worldwide per year, Excellent quality products and good services are highly recognized by customers, our sensors have been integrated into 5000 projects worldwide. DYP company has become the industry preferred ultrasonic sensor supplier in china market.


  • Smart laser distance sensors help smart public toilets

    Smart laser distance sensors help smart p...

    Smart public toilets are intelligent detection and control systems that rely on Internet + Internet of Things technology to achieve a number of cash functions such as intelligent toilet guidance, i...

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  • Non-contact ultrasonic level sensor

    Non-contact ultrasonic level sensor

    The DS1603 is a non-contact ultrasonic level sensor that uses the principle of reflection of ultrasonic waves in liquid to detect the height of liquid. It can detect the level of liquid without dir...

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  • Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor Applied In River Channel Liquid Level Monitoring

    Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor Applied In...

    Using the time required in ultrasonic emission and reception to convert the liquid level height or distance is a method frequently used in the field of liquid level monitoring. This non-contact met...

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Company Culture

Mission & Vision

Growing bigger and stronger, strive to leading enterprises of smart sensor industry. Explore a better growing road of smart sensor industrial development of China.

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Company Culture

Core Value

Integrity, Innovation, Perseverance, Struggle; Conscientious, Responsibility, solidarity, Progressive.


Company Culture


As one team we create strengthen mutually beneficial, profitable and strategic outcomes that extend to all customers, employees and suppliers. We act with integrity and professionalism treating all with respect, fairness and courtesy. Knowledge, best practices, and goals are shared for overall success of the partnership.

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Company Culture


Providing the highest quality of products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. Demonstrating our quality in a courteous, conscientious and businesslike manner as we communicate, offer solutions and perform all tasks at a high level of quality. Continuously improving every area of our company, we take pride in everything we do, with an attitude that reflects “do whatever it takes to be or make it outstanding!”

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